About Don Campbell

Don Campbell, originally from Flint Michigan USA, has a photographic career spanning decades, with his first freelance article published in 1978.  After receiving his Ph.B. in psychology in 1980, Don moved to Santa Barbara California where he worked as a frelance photojournalist for several national automotive publications.

Don received a Polaroid Foundation Grant in 1980 to help individuals with disabilities use photography as a means of expression. During this project Don developed new methods to help quadriplegics use cameras, building camera supports specifically for wheelchairs to creating release mechanisms easily operated by mouth, enabling students to use photography for the first time.

In 1981, Don achieved a personal dream, by being accepted to study with Ansel Adams at the Ansel Adams Yosemite Workshop. Where he studied with some of the absolute masters of the craft.

Don has lived and worked in India, the Philippines, UK and now resides in Hong Kong a city he dearly loves.

For the past 10 years Don has focused on commercial stock travel photography through a UK based agency, where his work has been used in books, magazines and global advertising campaigns.

More recently, Don has returned to personal expressive silver based imagery using a process that begins with making the exposure on conventional film, then using zone system techniques to expose and develop the film, meticulously digitizing each negative for enhanced expressive control.